Spring/Summer 2023 Season to Begin April 4th!!

Dear Fellow Rollers,

I hope everyone has had a great winter! The schedule for the upcoming season has been updated on the website. There are a few changes this year. We decided to schedule 3 weeks of interleague play in the early part of June, after we’ve already played all of the teams for our respective nights. I based the matchups on how each team finished last year, so you’ll be playing those who had a similar ranking. We’ve talked about this for a few years and I think it’ll be a good chance for Wednesday and Thursday nights to get to roll against each other aside from just the Championship match. Please take note that you may be playing on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday during those weeks.

We also have 10 teams per night again so instead of having a double-bye every week we’ll have Tuesday night matches for the season as well. Furthermore, I did put some rules on the website for consistency.

Feel free to let me know of any questions.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing everyone soon!

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