Ball Busters are World Champs!!!!!

This Saturday brought another exciting chapter of Championship Bocce to the sacred Astroturf that makes the courts of Lower Providence. The weather was fantastic for early November, the food and drink were on point, and teams were rolling hot rocks all over the place. But when it was all said and done, there remained only one team…the Ball Busters!! Ball Busters are World Champs!!

The Ball Busters once again proved that they are the dominant force in LP Bocce. And who can argue with that?! You have K-Rock and B-Money on one end, and V-Roll and A-Smooth on the other. It’s the perfect combination of finesse and strategy on the Westside of the court, and brute bocce force, cigs, and brews on the Eastside. I’ve lost track, but I think it’s their 47th title.

Big shout out to The Big Labocce, for winning Wednesday night and making it all the way to the Championship. They proved, once again, that they aren’t messing around come playoff time and if they catch ya sleepin’ they’re gonna make you pay!! It was a hotly contested Championship series, with it going the full 3 games, but in the end, the Ball Busters were victorious.

Congratulations to the World Champs, the Ball Busters!!

Thank you everyone for yet another fantastic season. Don’t forget about the banquet, this Saturday, November 12, at Raven’s Claw from 12-3pm.

I’ll see everyone soon!

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