Fall 2019 Schedule Released!!

Dear Rollers,

I hope the end of your summers have been well! I released the 2019 schedule and it can be found under the ‘Schedule – Fall 2019’ page header. Thank you for your patience. I’ve had several times in the past when I’ve made it, and teams have added or dropped before the season starts, so I like to wait until the end to limit revisions.

There are a few things that are a little different for this Fall. I have created separate Wednesday and Thursday schedules, for ease of view and to limit confusion. Both nights have spillover to Tuesday night, so we’ll be playing on the courts together. Please be mindful of the start times and courts as they adjust on Tuesdays just like they do on the other nights. The late matches for Tuesdays are all listed for Court 1, but can play on the first open court.

Thank you and good luck this season!


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