Ball Busters are World Champs!!!!

Dear Fellow Rollers,

As we all know, yesterday was Championship Saturday. It was another beautiful day for some classic playoff bocce action. 17 teams came to try to string together some magic and make a run for the Gold Trophy. There were valiant efforts from every team there, however, in the end there was only one team left standing: The Ball Busters!!!

Once again, the Ball Busters have shown that they run Lower Providence bocce!!! This is their 7th title!!! They have displayed their championship pedigree time and time again, and the summer of 2019 was no different. It didn’t matter what the situation, they stepped on that astroturf with a beer (or a baby) in one hand and a bocce ball in the other and handled their business with precision and accuracy. Rumor has it they were slugging Fireball the night before playoffs watching Chase Utley’s 2008 World Series speech on repeat. Looks like it paid off!!

Congratulations to The Big Labocce for winning Wednesday night’s series. They came all the way from 7th place in the regular season to a shot at the title!! That sends a message to the rest of Wednesday night, no matter where they stand…Don’t sleep on The Big Labocce!

However, despite an incredible effort that went the full 3 games against a decisively pro-Thursday crowd (where you at Wednesday supporters?), The Big Labocce were unable to match the skills of the Ball Busters. When the dust settled, the Ball Busters were the only ones left standing with a shiny trophy they’ve called their own so many times before. All Hail the World Champs!!! Congratulations Ball Busters!!!!

Thanks for a great season. I’ll post info about the fall league in a few weeks.

Have a great rest of the summer!



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