Ball Busters are Back-to-Back World Champions, Again!!!!

Yesterday was another classic installment of Championship bocce! 18 teams came together on a chilly day with some jamming tunes and delicious food, and attacked the pallino with reckless abandon for the Gold Trophy. But when it was all said and done, the Ball Busters were the only ones left standing as victorious champions!!

When people talk of sports dynasties on cable networks, they talk about the Yankees and the Patriots. But no one talks about the Ball Busters. This was their 8th title!! Even more impressive was that they had 5 hours in between their matches, which they spent pounding cases of spiked Teas and recycling bags full of domestic cans, and still held it together for the title!!

Congratulations to Boccelism who were the victors for the Wednesday night conference. They played valiantly through the playoffs with a 6th seed and showed they were worthy of the Championship match. However, the Ball Busters once again proved their supreme talent and that they were the ones who would be holding the trophy!

All hail the World Champs, the Ball Busters!!

Thanks everyone for another great season. We’ll start up again in the Spring, most likely with a new playoff format. I hope everyone has a safe and fun-filled holiday season and look forward to seeing everyone again soon!



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