Pil Pushers are World Champions!!!

(Editor’s Note: I roll for the Pils)

This past weekend was Championship weekend for our beloved Lower Providence Bocce League.  The skies were clear, the sun was shining, and the balls were rolling.  But after hours of intense, sweat-inducing competition, there was only one team left standing: the Pil Pushers!!

The Pil Pushers managed to work their way through the Thursday bracket, and found themselves up against New Arra from the Wednesday league in the championship match.  New Arra, their first season as a team, rose like the Phoenix from the ashes as earlier in the year they sat in the basement of their division.  Through grit, determination, and skill, they found themselves rolling for bocce glory in the title match! However, the Pil Pushers proved to be too much and ended up taking down the title.

The Pils displayed a complete team effort in taking down their second Championship belt.  The combination of skill, strategy, and team chemistry (even with one brother being a bit more hungover than the other) led the Pils to Championship glory.  All hail the two-time World Champs!!

Thank you once again for a fantastic season.  The spring/summer league is going to be a little different next year.  Since Easter is so late, we’re going to start a few weeks earlier, starting in mid/early April.  Also, we’re going to try to have the season wrapped up by the end of July to give a bit of a break before the fall and to leave room for vacations.  We’ll be in touch once we have it all figured out!

I hope everyone has a great holiday season and we’ll see each other in the spring!

-Felix, Jr.





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