A-Team are World Champs!!!

Yesterday was Championship Saturday, and there was some fierce competition on the LP bocce courts!  The day had all the hallmarks of another classic bocce Saturday, but after the dust settled, one team proved to be above the rest…………… the A-Team!!

With strategy and execution that would have made Hannibal, Face, Murdock, and B.A. proud, the A-Team masterfully rolled their way to championship glory.  After dispatching of their foes in the Wednesday league, the A-Team successfully captured the title by defeating Thursday night’s victors, the Ball Busters.  Congratulations to the Ball Busters for their Thursday night victories, proving that they are still a force even without two of their star players(We miss you Goose!! Get well soon K-money!!!).  However, the A-Team proved to be too much for all competition and are now rightfully World Champions!

Congratulations gentlemen!! The A-Team are Champions!! All hail the victors!!


Thanks to everyone for another successful season.  We will start again in the fall, the week of Labor Day.  If your team is playing please let me or Joe know.  We may be making some adjustments to the days for the fall, but we’ll keep everyone in the loop.

Have a great rest of summer and we’ll see you soon!



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