2018 Schedule is released!!

Dear Fellow Rollers,

Thank you for your patience with me in creating the schedule.  There are always teams that add/drop at the last minute, so I usually wait until near the start of the season to compose it.

Here’s a link to the .pdf in case you want to download it.



I look forward to seeing you all soon!!


Felix, Jr.



3 responses to “2018 Schedule is released!!

  1. Felix,

    Are you accepting any new teams? I do realize your season has started. We are a team with no longer a league. The Providence Downcity Bocce league is taking a 1 season hiatus while there is construction at Grants park. I notices that your Thursday night league only has 7 teams. if we were allowed to join, we would be happy to make up the games if possible. You would be get a good/competitive team in your league
    Please let us know either way.

    Chris Carcifero

    Mission Imbocceball


    • Hello Chris,

      We are located in Lower Providence, Pennsylvania, and judging by your email you play in Providence, RI? We’d be glad to add you but that’d be one long commute for a Friday night. I hope you find a league soon!




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