New Schedule has been released!!

I have completed the schedule for the Fall 2017 season.  The .pdf link is listed below and the full schedule is viewable under the ‘Schedule’ tab.


A few things about the schedule for the Wednesday night league.  You have 10 teams but we only have 9 regular season weeks.  I talked it over with Joe and we decided to have one game a week from Wednesday to be played on a Tuesday night.  That way everyone plays each other once before the playoffs.  There will be 5 matches a week for Wednesday (1 on Tuesday and the usual 4 on Wednesday).

The schedule shows the games on Tuesdays, but if the two teams decide to play another time (for example, the last Tuesday falls on Halloween) please feel free pick another day/night that works best.  The Thursday night league will have an open court for the late match every week, so feel free to join us if that works as well. (The Thursday night teams would get to play the first late match, regardless of court).

Thanks for your patience and please let me know of any questions.  I can move things around if need be.

– Felix


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