Ball Busters are Back-to-Back World Champions!!

This weekend brought us another epic day of Championship bocce competition.  The sun was a-shinin’, the hippie jams were a-blastin’, the suds were a-flowin’, and the grub was delicious. There were some classic match-ups and all 19 teams elevated their games to try get their hands on the Gold Trophy and the respect, fame, and fortune that comes with it!

However, only one team can emerge victorious and when it was all said and done…the Ball Busters were the victors!!! Back-to-Back titles!!  As the groovy jams pumped in the background they channeled the spirit of the summer of ’69, had a few goose cocktails, and locked in on the title with heat-seeking precision!

Congratulations to the A-Team, who fought their way through to become Wednesday night’s champions.  They fought valiantly in the title match against the Ball Busters but ended up coming up just shy of the title.

Once again all hail the champs, the Ball Busters!! 4 titles in the past 9 seasons!!! Are the Ball Busters the G.O.A.T(Greatest of All Time)?!?!!!  I think it’d be hard to argue against it!!

Thanks again for another great season.  The fall season will start a little after labor day.  Emails will be out shortly.  See you all soon!!

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