Big Labocce are World Champs!!!

Yesterday was the Championship for the 2016 Summer League, and what an exciting day!!! The weather was hot and the energy in the pavilion was at a a feverish pitch, but after the dust settled, there was only one team remaining…Big Labocce!!!

It was a fantastic day of competition, and fun was had by all!  Thursday night’s league, whose members had nothing but pleasant and lovely things to say about each other, saw Bubba Gump Shrimp dominate the field and make it all the way to the Championship.  Those darling, fiesty Shrimp played fantastically throughout the playoffs, but were unable to overcome the unstoppable force that has become Big Labocce.

Big Labocce steamrolled their way through the Wednesday night league, and made a very, very impressive back-to-back-to-back appearance in the title match.  And this time they were able to close the deal, combining deft skill and focused determination to win the crown.  Big L is the real deal… is it too early to say dynasty?!  They are now at the top of the mountain, and deservedly so!!

So everyone raise their glass, and toast to the Lower Providence 2016 Summer League Champions: Big Labocce!!!


PS: Fall League starts in a few weeks.  Make sure to sign up!

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