Boccismo are World Champs!!!

As we all know, yesterday was the Championship for the Fall League, and it was a day filled with intense competition and excitement!  But ultimately, only one team was left standing, and it was Thursday night’s Boccismo.

Boccismo’s full skill and deft strategy were prominently displayed on Saturday, as they breezed through the Thursday ticket and found themselves pitted against Big Labocce in the Championship match.  Big Labocce fought the good fight against Wednesday’s teams, and proceeded valiantly through the loser’s bracket to make an impressive back-to-back appearance in the Big Match.  It was a hotly contested two game set, but ultimately Boccismo proved to be too powerful a team, and they emerged with the title.

Thanks to everyone for such a great year, and we’ll look to see you again in the spring.  And congratulations to Boccismo on their title.  It couldn’t have happened to a group of nicer, more pleasant, extremely professional, young men.

Boccismo are World Champs!!!boccismo

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