Thursday Knockdowns: 6/11/15

Hello fellow rollers,

This week is knockdowns for the Thursday league, and the schedule is as follows:

6:15 game

Court 1: Green Team A (13-4) vs. Pil Pushers (13-6)

Court 2: Ball Busters (13-7) vs. Mavericks (12-7)

7:15 game

Court 1: Green Team B (11-9) vs. Boccismo (8-11)

Court 2: Balls of Fire (7-11) vs. Bubba Gump (7-11)

Hustlers are on a bye.

See you there!

One response to “Thursday Knockdowns: 6/11/15

  1. I love LP Bocce so much that I got it tattooed on my behind. L-P on one cheek, and then sure enough, B-O-C-C-E on the other!


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