Updated through end of season

*The Big Labocce wins tiebreaker with Ballers on a Budget via Week #8 head to head victory

WEDNESDAY TeamsWin LossPercentageTHURSDAY TeamsWin LossPercentage
1Average Joe’s25120.67571Ball Busters2460.8000
2Dream Team28140.66672Pil Pushers2480.7500
3Bill’s Boys25140.64103Mission Imbocceball24140.6316
4Misfits23140.62164Green Team18130.5806
5Trappe VFW20230.46515Team Fireball16180.4706
6Bocce Bails18220.45006Bubba Gump Shrimp15180.4545
7Boccelism17210.44747All in the Family14240.3684
8The Big Labocce16220.42118Sessano11220.3333
9Ballers on a Budget16220.42119High Five5280.1515
10Huge Pallino’s6300.1667

19 responses to “Standings

    • Hey Rocco! The score book shows that you lost Week 1 (4/9) against the Ball Busters, 1-2, and also Week 5 (5/7) against the Pil Pushers, 0-2. That gives you a total of 13-4. But you’re still in first place! Let me know of any questions.

      – Felix, Jr.


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